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3 Week 20//21 Prevention Kit

Here is your 3 week 20/21 Prevention Kit


Remember : it doesn't work if you don't use it. You've made the effort to seek out preventative care, you've spent the money to buy the best medicines available - now follow through and make it work !


1) Preventative herbal tea. Immune fortifying and anti viral. Comprehensive - includes everything you need without having to take the pills.  This is the standard of care in Asia right now. 


Directions : Brew as you would a regular tea but use double the amount you would use with a commercial tea such as Earl Grey. Water should be just shy of boiling. Steep for 3-5 minutes depending on intensity tolerated. Add honey to sweeten if desired.



This immune building and anti viral tea is the “Standard of Care” being currently employed by Oriental Medicine worldwide. Dosage is 15 gm daily split into three 5gm cups of tea. Course of therapy is 21 days for full efficacy. Administration is easy in Western households.

  • French Press method – Put herbs into French press per cup. Add hot water. Let steep 5 min. Press and drink. Can save some for later in mason jars.
  • Teapot method – Use a tea ball, or tea bags or go with loose herbs in the pot. Add piping hot water. Let brew for 5 min. Enjoy. Can save some for later in mason jars.
  • Coffee maker method. Place herbs in brewing receptacle of your favorite home coffee maker instead of coffee. Brew as normal. Enjoy. Can save some for later in mason jars.
  • Stovetop – Bring water to boil. Add herbs. Simmer on low for 5 min. Strain into cups or mason jars. Enjoy or save for later.



2) Respiratory Badass essential oil blend.  This is an essential component of the plan by working in the upper respiratory tract before the virus has a chance to latch on to anything in the lungs. During this time of heightened danger you should be using this always and everywhere.


Directions : Use by diffusion : put a drop on your humidifier or steam vaporizer, put a drop on your air mask, in spray bottle, in floor cleaning water, in steam shower, on cotton ball in car heater vent, etc - everywhere.   


3) Respiratory Rescue Tincture- My OSHA Root, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Scutellaria, honey, Frittilary & Loquat tincture... use several droppers daily to put icing on preventative cake so to speak.  This is also good for kids who may not want to take pills - you can add to the Banlangen drink packets or put in with other drinks.  It is alcohol based.


Directions : 1 dropperful 3 times a day - squirt into the back of the mouth and swallow. If symptoms begin, increase dose to as many as 10 dropperfuls a day.


4) Banlangen drink packets. Proven Corona SARS, and early data on CV  - 19 to block Coronas from piercing our cells and to retard replication of virus.  Sweetened with cane sugar so great for kids or folks on the go.  Contains Isatis and Scutellaria.  Great for encouraging frequent drinking, which washes the mouth and upper GI before pathogens have a chance to get to the lungs.  


Directions : Mix with water or juice and drink. Back up to the tea and tincture - the drink mixes are for when you are lazy or away from home or helping kids.


If anyone becomes symptomatic we replace items with appropriate formulas for Viral, Pneumonia or Recuperative stages.


There is plenty of info on the website :


Or contact me directly with questions :

Joshua Geetter           

(970) 728-6084   

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