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ARNICOPEIA Superior Arnica Oil

ARNICOPEIA Superior Arnica Oil

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Medicine Ranch Arnica Oil is a culmination of a decade of wild-crafting, blending, and clinical use. This Arnica has traditional uses of bruise and wound healing, and calming of the heart.

The arnica oils are extracted with grain alcohol and olive oil, aged and pressed in an Italian wine press. Then we add Vitamin E and medical grade essential oils of two Frankincenses and two Myrrhs. These rare and precious oils have traditional uses for wound healing and calming of spirit. We continue by adding an exquisite Kashmiri Lavender essential oil which contains unusually high levels of Linnalols, which are known in traditional herbology to calm tension and agitation and to treat nerve pain. Next we add precious Helichrysum. This essential oil was known as a superior anti-inflammatory in traditional medicine. We also add essential oils of Birch and Wintergreen which contain salicylic acid (asprin). Last in the list, but first in the amount, is our special ingredient called TLC. Each batch is hand-crafted and batch numbered by bottling date. Oils are best used in thirty months of batch date.

Dosage: Apply topically to sore areas, bruises, sprains, strains or as general massage oil. Massage well into skin. Do not use on open wounds, do not use internally. Topical use only.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Sandy Cisneros

I love this product!! Amazing on fractures, bruising , aching muscels & Sore body parts!! & far superior to
Over the counter ARNICA GELS!! TY Medicine Ranch

Linnea Hannigan
Used for Actinic Purpura (bruising on hands and forearms that older people get)

I put the oil in a roller bottle so as to be able to roll it on the forearms. It has a pleasant fragrance, and it absorbs into the skin quickly. It hasn't been long enough to see any major improvement in the bruising, so I will wait before I comment on effectiveness. The ordering, shipping, and delivery were fast and efficient.


I apply this amazing oil after my morning dry brush and cold shower, followed by a lymphatic drainage paddle. This routine is incredibly invigorating and harnesses the healing properties of the oil, driving it deep into the tissue. I also apply as needed to sore areas. The smell and sensation instantly lift your spirits and lessen pain. I am so happy I found this truly magical product and find it works to calm my mind, body, and spirit.

Jennifer Harvey

ARNICOPEIA Superior Arnica Oil

Vicki C
Purchased as gift

Arrived timely