IMMUNE SUPPORT essential oil
IMMUNE SUPPORT essential oil

IMMUNE SUPPORT essential oil

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Venus and Vetiver formulated essential oil blend. All of our essential oils are organic or wild-harvested medical grade.

Essential Oils of Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, Hyssop, Geranium, Frankincense, Tea tree, Lavender, Rosemary, Ravensara, Clove to combat all pathogens but viruses in particular. May be diffused, used in direct inhalation, or diluted and applied topically a few drops at a time.


How Essential Oils Work:

By directly attacking & destroying microorganisms in your body through their antibacterial (viral, inflammatory, microbial) properties

By directly stimulating the immune system through improvement of the production of various immunity-boosting cells and encouraging lymph to flush out toxins

By alleviating stress & controlling hormones secreted by the adrenal system.


Eucalyptus: Immuno-regulatory agent to implement the innate cell-mediated immune response. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

Lemon: Detoxifying; boosts the immune system by accelerating white corpuscle production and counteracting acidity by forming carbonates & bicarbonates of potassium and calcium

Hyssop decumbens: Strong antiviral, blood nourisher, nerve strengthener

Geranium asperum: Stimulates adrenal glands and the spleen, promoting the flushing of toxins; strong antiviral

Frankincense: Strengthens the immune system by proliferating white blood cells and reducing inflammation which is known to be a primary risk factor for chronic disease

Tea Tree: Antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal activity (alpha-sabine); Immune stimulant effects (terpinen-4-ol)

Lavender: Harmonizing, studies show significant increase in total lymphocyte numbers & stress management

Rosemary: Stimulates circulation thus supporting the cardiovascular, nervous, and circulatory system. Added function of stimulating the adrenal glands and the spleen, promoting the flushing of toxins

Ravensara: Antibacterial & fungicidal (inhabits growth & kills spores)

Clove: Studies show significant increase in the primary as well as secondary humoral immune response. Prevention of toxicity from environmental pollutants

Customer Reviews

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Love this oil!

I diffuse this oil in the house when the seasons and weather change and also when one of my family is under the weather. It makes the house smell lovely and clean.

J Houston

I love the Immune Support oil. I think the scent is an invigorating and when I apply the oil to the sole of my feet it just seems highly energizing. So far so good with battling off the winter crud.