Josh Geeter and Judy Godec celebrate Valentine's Day with the opening of the Medicine Ranch, a center for natural medicine and health in Telluride's west end

Telluride’s Medicine Ranch

Geetter and Godec celebrate health and natural medicine

Medicine Ranch

Josh Geetter and Judy Godec celebrate Valentine’s Day with the grand opening of the Medicine Ranch, a center for natural medicine and health in Telluride’s west end. [Photo by Regan Tuttle]

Acupuncturist Josh Geetter has been practicing Eastern medicine in Telluride for almost 15 years, and he’s now bursting with love and gratitude that his acupuncture business has a new home in the community. In partnership with his beloved Judy Godec — a designer and essential oil expert — Sunday, Valentine’s Day, is their grand opening, with a celebration running all week. 

Medicine Ranch is the name of Geetter’s herbal formula line, a property he lived on in Placerville and a booth he previously ran at the Telluride Farmer’s Market. Now, Medicine Ranch is the umbrella under which all of Geetter and Godec’s offerings will fall at the corner of Davis and Pacific Streets. 

“And there is a lot of medicine innately here in Colorado, and in Telluride, and a lot of potential for us to cultivate this aspect of Telluride,” Geetter said. 

Geetter said that Telluride is no longer just about skiing, partying and festivals. He sees the box canyon as a place of health and consciousness and a destination for people searching for those things. Medicine Ranch, he hopes, is a place they might find them.

Walking into the new retail space at Medicine Ranch is a little like snorkeling, Geetter said. When entering, one can take in the overall beauty of the salves, elixirs, tinctures, hydrosols, gemstones, essential oils, soaps and herbs. Then, there’s an opportunity to dive in and experience the products more deeply. Godec’s organic skincare line, Venus and Vetiver, is featured. 

But the shopping area is just the start. Behind it lies the clinical treatment room, where Geetter sees patients, and also the production facility, where he crafts his medicine — much of it, like hops and arnica, locally grown and harvested in the San Juan Mountains. 

Together, Geetter and Godec are still putting the finishing touches on Medicine Ranch, and as luxurious as the space may feel, they insist it’s for the whole community. 

Geetter, who has always been a champion of public health and has run low-cost acupuncture community clinics in both Telluride and Hotchkiss, is now welcoming daily public health appointments at Medicine Ranch for $45. Those can be booked now through his website

Additionally, this week Medicine Ranch will begin offering a twist on morning coffee with medicinally-infused drinks — think “café au ‘crush-the-mountain elixir’” or tea with heart tincture, along with light bites to eat. Geetter said the space, formerly occupied by Aemono, has a history of feeding Telluride’s west end, and he’ll continue to do that in his own way. 

Additionally for the whole community, Geetter and Godec are planning evening events, like guest teachers or seminars for health and healing. 

They say their work is anything but new age. According to them, Medicine Ranch is based on grounded, ancient wisdom used for centuries. And, they’re proud to work alongside Telluride Medical Center — Geetter has taken referrals for years from TMC — and Apotheca. 

“We are enabling people to get their hands on raw materials and finished products to put their health in their own hands” Godec said. “It’s the way Josh and I have fashioned our own lives, and more people are understanding value of natural medicine.”