Medicine Ranch 20/21 Operations Protocols


All standard societal best practices for social distancing, hygiene, personal health responsibility are to be followed by all individuals in and about the establishment. Best Practices as defined in the following documents are to be adhered to by all individuals on the premises:

San Miguel County “Safer at Home” , Colorado State


Any individual not maintaining above standards will be asked to vacate premises.

Any individual presenting with CV 19 signs and symptoms as defined by CDC may not enter the premises, but is invited to Telemedicine services at CDC official signs and symptoms:


In house protocols: 

Anti Viral, Sanitation & Janitorial:

Two air filters constant filtering including microfiber, UV, Ozone sanitizing (after hours). Filters have combined capacity of 2400 sq ft in 1200 sq ft total commercial space.


Four essential oil diffusers running constantly with blend of 27 oils known to have synergistic anti-viral properties.


Regular wipe down of traffic areas, door knobs, computer equipment, all clinical, production & administrative surfaces, bathroom with Isopropyl, Essential Oils, Lysol, Soap and Water.


Regular Mopping with Essential oils, vinegar and soapy water mix.


Rubbish removed at least daily and more often at staff discretion. Bins sanitized.


Positive airflow pushing through retail and admin/business station through clinic and out clinic back window engineered with exhaust fan in clinic.


Traffic Flow:

Retail only one customer allowed in 350 sq ft space at a time, only with mask. Retail Customers’ contact info, time and date of visit entered by staff in customer log.


Customers on “look but don’t touch” comportment with staff handling all merchandise.


Curbside pickup available. No customer log required.


Medical Clinic:

Clinic and Retail separated by plastic barrier during clinical operations.


Patients shall wear a mask.


Exhaust fan in clinic to cause lab style negative pressure air flow always exhausting out of clinic. This is critical link in operations plan. Air Filter and diffuser running constantly in clinic.


Separate retail and clinical entrances per design of Medicine Ranch. Clinical patients not allowed in retail and vice versa. Verbal interaction at social distance allowed between patients and retail staff for purpose of retail sales.


Practitioner shall wear a mask. Full PPE equipment at discretion of clinical practitioner. We have multiple complete sets of PPE gear for changing between patients. During sessions patients interact only with clinical practitioner. Staff and customers are prohibited from entering Clinic during clinical operations.


Full cleaning of clinic between patients.


Existing appointment system tracks exact date, time of patient for easy tracking of any interactions.


Hand sanitizer, Hibicleanse (Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%) Isopropyl regular and repeated use by practitioner.


Basic lab technique and “clean field” techniques utilized in clinic, admin/business center and retail.



Generally there will be only one staff person on the premises at a time.

If two or more staffers are working, staff generally will be organized in the three discreet spaces of the commercial premises, crossing boundaries with social distancing maintained.

No employee shall be required to work simultaneous to other employees .

No employee shall be required to work on site.

Every effort will be made to provide solo work hours, separation of task environments and/or work from home opportunities.


Sub contractors: (accounting, bookkeeping, IT, maintenance, janitorial etc.) will be scheduled for social distancing. Existing scheduling practices account for time and date log of sub contractors for tracking purposes. All deliveries are to side doors. Delivery personnel do not enter retail or clinical areas, but may place large parcels just inside the doorway.


Contingency Plan:

Should any patient, customer or staff be diagnosed with COVID-19 all operations immediately cease. We contact and follow directives per CDC and San Miguel County.



Operations protocols posted at entrances to premises and on website.



Amendments to this document will be made per changes in external (Government or Epidemic sources) or internal (Owners and staff) factors.



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